Foreign Language Consulting

The use of foreign languages in the communication of internationally operating companies has steadily gained in importance over the last few years, as it will in those to come. Consequently, employees not only require extensive foreign language skills, but, in the growing complexity of modern business communication, are in need of the so closely-linked intercultural competencies as well. Our Foreign Language Consulting helps you to determine your communicative requirements, after which specific targets are set for the individual employees involved, so that they may be groomed for these highly specialised, communicative tasks. Thus, Foreign Language Consulting enables the embedding of Language Planning into long-term corporate strategy.


Merits of Foreign Language Consulting


>> Securing long-term planning for personell development: Human Resources is offered an extensive outlook on employee training requirements for the long run.


>> Securing long-term planning for the individual employee: Language acquisition is tailored to the employee's specific targets.


>> Targeted language development: Language training is optimised by integrating it into the individual vocational training schedule of employees.


>> Economical foreign language training: Optimised learning by focusing on specific departmental requirements.


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