German as a foreign language

German language skills are an absolute prerequisite to maximise your gain of information in German-speaking areas and, thus, broaden your capacity to act in these areas. Moreover, such language skills send a signal of willingness to collaborate, inspire trust and open doors to your communicational environment.

In business, science or in integrational surroundings, the weight of words and expressions is of the utmost importance, as is their relationship to rhetorical and stylistic possibilities. Essential as it may be, German as a second language as taught today often does not lead to pragmatic learning targets.

We, however, single out the requirements for employees, scientists as well as students and tailor a specific didactical programme that responds to their professional reality, within the framework of internationally acknowledged levels. It comprises:

  • >> Application-oriented training swiftly assures confident speech.
  • >> Transparent training objectives guarantee a result-driven training.
  • >> Regular feedback safeguards the objectives.
  • >> Internationally compatible course-levels according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages.
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