Foreign languages

We provide foreign language training at all levels, in private tuition as well as in group courses, for management and company employees, for scientists and students, for people wanting to deepen their general interest and for visitors from abroad. Apart from practice-oriented communication courses, we develop tailor-made relocation - programmes for the occupational move abroad, that respond to people's actual requirements and those of their families in both a professional and personal environment.


  • >> Application-oriented training swiftly steadies your speech.
  • >> Result-oriented training due to transparent learning target agreements.
  • >> Regular feed-back to secure the focus.
  • >> All course levels comply with the European framework
         and are internationally accepted.

In the languages:

- Arabic               - Chinese
- Danish              - English
- French              - Greek
- Italian               - Japanese
- Dutch               - Norwegian
- Polish               - Portuguese
- Russian             - Spanish
- Czech               - Lithuanian

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